Barcoding Modules for Epicor ERP 10

                              Turnkey Price: $8,500/Module

                              Barcoding Modules for Epicor ERP 10

                              AdvancedWare’s comprehensive line of Barcode Computing Solutions let you use a wireless handheld device (with or without a bar code scanner) to perform a variety of functions for your Epicor ERP 10 system. These functions include the ability to handle Stock Movements, Shipping, Receiving, Material Movements/Labor Tracking, Work Order Picking, and Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory. And best of all, the transactions are always performed in Epicor ERP 10 in Real-Time. AdvancedWare’s barcode applications are a great way for your company to reduce errors and make huge gains in efficiency. All of our solutions include an easy to use graphical interface where any information can be entered or scanned.

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